Stay focused on the things that matter most. It’s your life. Make every day a masterpiece.

How It Works

The Canvas is a tool that allows you to plan the optimal day and stay focused on what matters to you most.

My Impact

Decide what your impact will be today – on yourself, people close to you or the planet.

The One Thing

Remind yourself of the One Thing that you absolutely must do today.


View an inspirational quote that relates to how you feel or what you need to today.


View an image of something you’re passionate about to remind you of what you ‘really’ want to be doing.

People Import To Me

View an image of people that are important to you to remind you of who is relying on you.


Clearly state your goals so that you can make sure that you stay on track during the day.


Remind yourself of the things you are grateful for.


The Lifewall is your life broken into 21 elements. It’s the big picture. Make sure the big picture and the things will do today are consistent.

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