founder: Adam Radly

"It started as a methodology for a nonprofit project in West Africa then evolved into a philosophy about life. Origins can be interesting but the thing I really I want to know is…how will it end?"

– Adam Radly, Founder of 'I Imagine' Tweet
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More about Adam Radly

Adam Radly’s TEDx talk about passion has more than 1 million views.

Adam is the founder of World Reconciliation Day with Nelson Mandela where the business he started with nothing had grown big enough to donate US$1 Million to Nelson Mandela’s charity.

Adam has raised more than $100 Million for businesses where he was the CEO and controlling shareholder.

Adam is the founder of the ‘Maximum Positive Impact’ philosophy (outlined in his book ‘I Imagine’).

Founder of IIMAGINE, a platform for people that want to maximize their impact.

Founder of the Wolf Party, an organization focused on upgrading the current outdated democratic system with Direct Democracy (using the IIMAGINE platform).


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