Use the Ideas platform for course development, gathering feedback from students, parents or teachers or to solve any problem in your organization or industry. 
The platform uses a simple problem / solution framework. 
Just create a free listing then invite friends, followers, associates or the public to submit their best ideas. 
They can also vote and comment on ideas from other people. The best ideas bubble to the top. Make your listing private or public. 
Solving problems ‘literally’ makes the world better.
Social matching
Connect with people that can actually help you solve a problem without cold contacting other people. 
IIMAGINE is a different kind of social network. Instead of ‘cold contacting’ people, just check some boxes that match your objectives and let the algorithm find people that meet your criteria and actually want to connect with you.
Use it to find partners, promote your brand, expand your following, fundraising or find sponsors for events.
Impact Points

Everybody that creates an account on IIMAGINE will be awarded ‘Impact Points’ for participating and engaging in the platform. 

The Impact Points (IMP) will be convertible into IMPX – a crypto-currency that will be launched soon. 

The concept is simple – the bigger your impact, the bigger the reward. So, success is defined by impact instead of ‘unit sales’ and other outdated metrics.

Your value is not measured by your ability to make money or build social media followers.

Your value is measured by your impact on other people and the planet.