Work on projects that matter to you. ‘Work’ includes regular jobs but also includes freelancing, onsite volunteering, volunteer work from home, and microtasks. Review the listings, find projects that matter to you and work that you enjoy.

Earn Impact Points for creating a listing for a project and for working on a project.


You can create listings for any of the following:
  • Regular full time or part time jobs
  • Freelancer work
  • Volunteer work
  • Internships
  • Microtasks
Microtasks are very small tasks that can help a project make some forward progress like creating awareness or increasing the number of users. Examples include: social media posting, beta testing, commenting, and voting.
  • Go to the Job platform.
  • Click on + Job
  • Complete the form
  • Click submit
  • Job listings will be reviewed before they are published live
Job listings a free to create.
  • Go to the Job platform.
  • Click on My Jobs
  • Select the job you want to edit
  • Complete your edits then click submit
  • Go to the Job platform.
  • Click on My Jobs
  • Choose between Edit, Mark Filled, Duplicate, Delete

Yes. Take a look at the Impact Points table to see how many points you can earn.