IImagine: Origins

"It started as a methodology for a nonprofit project in West Africa then evolved into a philosophy about life. Origins can be interesting but the thing I really I want to know is…how will it end?"

– Adam Radly, Founder of 'I Imagine' Tweet
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IIMAGINE was founded by Adam Radly.

He developed a philosophy called Maximum Positive Impact after helping a village in West Africa. The philosophy is outlined in the first chapter of his book ‘I Imagine’. 

Here is an excerpt from his TEDx Talk:

“What happened next was a process of elimination that unfolded over a 4-year period– and here it is in 60 seconds.

There’s a lot of people in the world that need help but who should I help? Helping one group of people meant not helping others so it was a serious decision. I decided that the poorest people need the most help. 

I found a United Nations report that ranks all countries from richest to poorest. The country that was lowest on the list but safe enough to visit was Mali in West Africa. 

The people in the north get less rain than the people in the south so I decided to help a village in the north. The village needed a million things but my resources were finite so what should I do for them? 

At the time they had no electricity and 1 one in 5 children died before the age of 5 from malaria and childbirth complications. So I provided some solar power and a health center and, sure enough, the child mortality rate improved significantly.

When I look back on that sequence of decisions, I could see that I was always trying to answer one question – what could I do that would have the maximum positive impact (MPI).

Over time, I thought – maybe all nonprofits should use this MPI methodology. Then I thought, why not all schools and governments and even corporations? In fact, why not make it a way of life? 

…I imagined a new way of thinking where success was measured by impact instead of money so I created a project called IIMAGINE. Its impact comes from helping people to maximize their own impact. In order for it to succeed on the biggest possible scale and have the biggest impact, I made it totally free to use and it has no profit motive. MPI is its only purpose.”

Watch the TEDx Talk above to see the entire talk.

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