What is i imagine?


IIMAGINE is a platform for people that want to have a positive impact. They include the businesses and nonprofits that are trying to make the world a better place and the individuals that support them.
We’ve created many ways for you to have a positive impact on IIMAGINE. They range from micro tasks that take a few seconds through to activities that require more time, effort or funding.
The five ways to have an impact are Ideas, Petitions, Funding, Work, and Awareness. Check them out below.
When you do any of the actions below you will earn Impact Points. We understand that measuring our individual impact can be subjective but it still helps to measure something. 


There’s an infinite number of problems in the world that need to be addressed so lets crowdsource ideas about how to solve them.
Review the listings, find an issue (Problem) that matters to you then suggest your own ideas or vote and comment on ideas from other people. It only takes a few seconds to vote for a good idea but YOUR VOTE MATTERS.
You can also create your own listing and invite friends, followers and the IIMAGINE community to suggest ideas or vote and comment on ideas from other people.
The best ideas bubble to the top. Ideas listings are free.
Earn Impact Points for creating an Ideas listing, posting an Idea and voting on ideas.


Sometimes the best way to get change is to demand change. Review the listings, find a petition about an issue that matters to you then sign it.
Earn Impact Points for creating a Petition and signing petitions.


Nonprofit projects, social enterprises and startups that want have a positive impact need funds to launch and expand. Review the listings, find projects that matter to you, make a contribution. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small.
Earn Impact Points for creating a listing for funding a project and for contributing funds to a project.


Jobs includes regular jobs but also includes freelancing, volunteering on site, volunteering by working from home and doing micro tasks. Review the listings, find projects that matter to you then contribute to those projects by doing work that you enjoy.
Earn Impact Points for creating a listing for a project and for working on a project.


Bringing attention to issues that matter to you. Problems can only be solved if people know they exist. You can increase awareness of issue on IIMAGINE in multiple ways.
IIMAGINE has compiled information about many important issues and created snippets of content that can easily be shared across multiple social platforms.
We have also made it easy to share listings for Ideas, petitions, funding and work.
Earn Impact Points for sharing listings for Ideas, petitions, funding and work.


Find your tribe without cold contacting anyone. Just check some boxes that match your objectives and let the algorithm find people that meet your criteria and actually want to connect with you.
Connect with people that have similar interests or collaborate with people to access funding, find co-founders, increase your followers on any social network, cross-promote your projects, interview each other for blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels, or any other purpose. It’s perfect for nonprofits, impact entrepreneurs, and influencers that want to have a positive impact.

Direct Democracy

Direct democracy is a form of democracy where there is no left or right. It takes the power away from politicians and puts it in the hands of the people by allowing them to vote on issues directly.
The Ideas platform on IIMAGINE is direct democracy. Learn more here.

What is the origin of IIMAGINE?

IIMAGINE was created by Adam Radly. Adam is the creator of World Reconciliation Day – an event where the business he started with nothing donated $1M dollars to Nelson Mandela’s charity. Then, after helping a village in West Africa develop a health center he created the Maximum Positive Impact philosophy – outlined in the first chapter of his book called ‘I Imagine’. He followed his own philosophy and created the IIMAGINE platform. Adam’s TEDx Talk about how to find your passion has more than 1M views.

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